About the Morgan Breed

The beauty of the Morgan horse lifts the heart. The breed exists solely because it pleases people. It is their heritage.

The Morgan is easily recognized by his proud carriage, upright graceful neck, and distinctive head with expressive eyes. Deep bodied and compact, the Morgan has strongly muscled quarters. The intelligence, willingness, zest for life, and good sense of the Morgan is blended with soundness of limb, athleticism, and stamina. In addition, Morgan thriftiness and longevity have made this breed a good bargain for more than 200 years - easy to love and affordable to own. The Morgan horse is free moving and calm under western tack or elegant and aristocratic ridden in English style. A tractable temperament allows the Morgan to excel when driving in single or multiple hitches. Companionable and comfortable on a quiet pleasure ride anywhere open skies beckon, working as a sensible partner in a long day of ranch work or endurance riding, waiting alert and ready to enter a show ring, or performing in formal riding disciplines, the Morgan is a versatile horse within a versatile breed. The Morgan horse agreeably adapts to his owner's life style. This first American breed can be found worldwide.

Reliable, loyal, tireless, and versatile, a Morgan becomes one with people of all ages and walks of life, sharing the mutual enjoyment in every equine pastime. 

Justin Morgan, the namesake and foundation sire of the Morgan horse breed, was foaled in Randolph, Vermont in 1789. The Morgan horse is truly an American treasure and is often referred to as “The Pride and Product of America.” Morgan horses have served in every American war from the Civil War to World War I and their bravery, endurance and zest for life have endeared them to presidents, cowboys and families seeking the ideal show and pleasure horse for their personal enjoyment. Morgan horses are beautiful, up headed, kind, eager to please, easily trained and people-oriented which makes them the ideal family horse. Morgan’s are known for their unequalled versatility....trail riding, pleasure driving, show ring performance, working cattle, 4-H and especially mounts for the handicapped. 

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