Our Mission - Once Upon A Horse - salvages lives and builds bridges from failure to success 
utilizing Morgan Horses to enhance human potential".

ONCE UPON A HORSE is a nonprofit, therapeutic riding lesson program serving the needs of communication impaired individuals and typically developing individuals to build respect, responsibility and relationships.

In the thirty years since its inception, SADDLETIME FARM has evolved into a highly successful Morgan horse enterprise and has grown to include Once Upon A Horse, a nonprofit, therapeutic riding lesson program for kids with invisible, communication based handicaps. As a speech-language pathologist, I work with a variety of communicative handicaps including stuttering, articulation errors, language disorders, developmental delays and autism.

Once Upon A Horse allows me to repay in kind the community in which I was reared and educated and to provide a safe haven for special-needs kids where disabilities fade and skill strengths emerge in response to the magic of Morgan horses. Since 1995 Once Upon A Horse has provided a positive and constructive environment where special-needs kids are met with success and acceptance while learning valuable life skills. Animal therapy is a constructive interaction for individuals with disabilities, and the magic of Morgan horses provides a safe haven where they can succeed while building self-confidence and self-esteem based on the rewards of real accomplishment. Responsibility, discipline and improved communication skills are learned while working with Morgan Horses, which in turn, provides experiences that are personally rewarding and character building. Once Upon A Horse was created primarily for special-needs students, but typically-developing individuals are invited and welcome to participate.

Once Upon A Horse was created to enrich the lives of communicatively impaired individuals and to teach life-altering skills...work hard, do your best and serve the good of the order.

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